Air Handling Units Humidity Unit

They can be designed by TİMFOG ENGINEERING for all air handling unit manufacturers in the desired size and capacity. There is a general notation for all TİMFOG Outdoor Units in the following table and 1 or 5 pump group humidification units between 78 l/h and 8100 l/h are included. Here it is possible to choose for all outdoor units including the control panel.


Choice of the humidification units depends entirely on the preference of unit manufacturers and TİMFOG engineers design the unit fit for purpose by assessing the demand they receive. It is necessary to determine the following demands.

Outdoor unit and cassette network system designed according to the properties indicated above are produced specific to that unit only.


A cassette network system completely made of stainless steel is designed based on the properties determined. In this system, each piece is manufactured as a single wing to be coupled in the unit and 4 pieces that will form a frame are easily connected in the unit and fixed to the floor and the walls of the unit.

During this connection, solenoid valves that were installed for each line for a wide range capacity control enable to ensure the desired capacity. Nozzle layout on this cassette network system is carried out with the help of the spray zone analysis previously designed and simulated completely depending on unit size.


Nozzles used are connected with a technique specific to Timfog Engineering and especially tested at a pressure (150 bar) twice the operating pressure.

All parts of the collector are made of stainless steel and can operate as fit for purpose for many years. Connection between the Cassette Network system and the outdoor unit is easily made with special hydraulic hoses resistant to 200 bar.


These units can be controlled with fixed or variable electronic card design according to the desired control structure. If an air handling unit manufacturer desires, it is possible to control the humidification unit in the AHU only with a dry contact output. In that case, humidification unit provides humidification at specified capacity within the specified time period as per the on or off order received. However, when the unit is required to operate based on operation range, time, ambient temperature, return air temperature and the desired set values, it is necessary to use a variable electronic card on the humidification unit. In this case, electric motors (hence pumps) driven with the aid of one or more invertors will be activated within the range of specified scenario and set values and will remain active during the desired period.

Variable Controlled Electronic Card can communicate with AHU control panel.