Chiller and Dry Cooler Unit


It is possible to calculate total cost and investment return time with a special selection program within Timfog.  Investments that made for RO-FOG shall be returned within period of 4 to 6 months. Capacity and price can be easily calculated for selections to be made for different chillers and dry coolers. Program also reveals inlet air temperature from psychometric diagram with assistance of evaporative cooling and approximate capacity difference. 


In air-cooled condensers or in dry coolers, uid in device is cooled by means of outer air.The even that causes condensation of uid of cooler is that air sucked from environs to absorb heat during passing through surface of condenser. Increasing of outer environ temperature, especially eexcessive heat in summers, cause  increase of condensation temperature and thus air conditions system  operates unproductively. In such cases, it is tried to decrease condenser  inlet air temperature to wet bulb thermometer temperature by occasionally washing condenser surface with low-pressure water.

Condenser lamellas will be calcied and copper pipes and aluminum wings will wings will be worn out will start to be punctured in all systems for which  reverse osmosis (RO) is not used. This means that condenser or dry cooler shall  become unserviceable within several years. Reverse Ozmosis (RO) is applied for system that encounter such problem as a rationalist solution and ensures reduction of condensation temperature and compressor to consume lesser energy by reducing outer temperature by 50 to 20°C even in calculated higher outer temperatures.


Productivity of water-cooling groups and dry coolers is increased while they cool other  uid in them when outer air temperature is  decreased. Evaporative cooling is commonly  used in recent years and increase in productivity up to 40% is ensured  as much as temperature that inlet  ththat inlet  through battery surface approximates to wet bulb thermometer temperature.  However, water that is used while doing  this cause either congestion of gaps amongst lamellas due to calcication or causes spall of battery because of pH instability.

If users do not take necessary precautions, they shall be required to replace their batteries.

With Reverse Ozmosis (RO)

- Lime in water is avoided at rate of 99% 

- Metals such as aluminum and copper are protected at rate of 95% by fixed pH balance.