Dehumidification Systems

The dehumidification rotor air conditioners used in the greenhouses are the first in the industry with heating-cooling-ventilation and dehumidification performances. Moisture and herbal diseases (especially Botrytis, Xanthomanos, Clalivakter) ,which are a serious problem among seedling growers, are kept by zeolite or PDF (Polymer dehumidifying agent humidifying agent) which is used up to 99%. Thus, it can provide serious humidity control in the greenhouses thanks to its heating, seasonal transition and cooling features in summer.

Timfog Greenhouse Air Handling Units (Greenhouse Roof-Top) which can reach 400 lt / hour capacity in a single device when required, can be used comfortably in very large seedling or greenhouse areas thanks to the advantages of communicating with multiple units and being centrally monitored and controlled ;

• ‘Greenhouse Roof-Top’, together with fresh air, will absorb humid air in the greenhouse.

• ‘Greenhouse Roof-Top’ is a special package device developed by TIMFOG. It can be controlled proportionally with the fresh air and the inverter fans used on the blowing air side.

• The Greenhouse Roof-Top performs the humidity and temperature control in the greenhouse completely automatically. With digital control, the ambient air humidity and temperature are controlled precisely.

•  It provides the heating of the sera with the hot air it produces during the winter season.

• The system is based on the principle of absorbing the the humid and heating the air with the aid of a solid zeolite dehumidifier rotor.

• It has a low energy consumption, it cleans and filters the air.

• It purifies a significant part of the bacteria in the sera, helps to prevent diseases that will greatly reduce plant yield in enclosed areas such as greenhouses or seedlings. It also helps 90% of disease and sports prevention, It does not contain any chemicals and its dehumidification and heating process is completely organic.

• With its compact exterior dimensions, it can be easily placed just outside the cabin.


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