Afyon Project Completed

Timfog Engineering Company has completed the heating system of Aldosan Greenhouse in Afyon. Geothermal watersources up to 80C degrees have been used for the system. Heating system of the greenhouse in which Alfa Laval exchangers fromSweden and Grundfos pumps from German are used, has been successfully activated.
Aldosan Greenhouse will continue to invest in greenhouse cultivation in the oncoming years. To that end, it has been discussed how to rehabilitate the different geothermal water sources located in the area.

Timfog Engineering is installing a new heating system at Aldosan Greenhousing...

Aldosan Greenhouse has decided to install a heating plant that will bring all the shafts together with the fourth shaft that it is about to open.Timfog which is executing project designs and calculations that will bring all the shafts together in one heating plant around Sandıklı Province of Afyon, is getting ready to activate this heating plant in the first months of the oncoming year.With this operation where all the geothermal sources are backed up on each other and all the greenhouses and the other investors of the greenhouses that may be installed are secured,Timfog is making another unique example.