As Timfog-Termomekanik family, we introduced our new brand TECHNOWELL created for industrial and commercial humidity control area, to the air conditioning community. Standing out particularly with the concept of “Intelligent Humidity Control - Akıllı Nem Kontrolü“, Technowell will maintain its activities in the precise humidity control area that only few colleagues concentrate on. Specialized in humidification process up until now, our brand Timfog will now proceed as a completely "Agricultural" based brand, and the "Evaporative Cooling" based products already manufactured by Timfog in the industrial-commercial area will be manufactured under the title of Technowell from now on.

We set our objective for performance of all types of calculations and design works by analyzing these specific processes with the concept of “Tailor Made Engineering" in the sector, and for designing and manufacturing non-standard devices.

Indeed, we have adopted creation of an occupational discussion platform with the Technowell brand rather than just designing or manufacturing as an objective all by itself. We're intended to pave the way for theoretical and conceptual discussions with our "Technowell Academy" web site, which constantly considers the concepts of humidity and precise temperature control and is open for any type of local and foreign platform where these concepts are discussed.