Timfog has completed all the climatization systems of 42-acre glasshouse in Belarus.

A 42-acre glasshouse which is beingbuilt for the state-owned RUE Vitebsk Energy company in the city of Orsha in the region of Vitebsk in Belarus, has been completed. All heating, ventilation, humidification systems, CO2 and buffer tank systems, cold rooms and germination chambers of the glasshouse whose turn-key contractor is Azrom (M.Cohen Metal Industry), has been planned by TIMFOG ENGINEERING CO., INC. The glasshouse planned by an engineer team of 5, can be heated without the need of additional energy by using the return water of the power plant (95C, 900 m3/h) in the -35C degrees of outside weather conditions.

The CO2 system is also being used effectively to ensure high efficiency in the glasshouse where ALFA LAVAL titanium exchangers are used and all the pump systems are GRUNDFOS. The glasshouse, which will change the face of the eastern region of Belarus, has already caused great excitement in the region. CRONE, the world's best greenhouse boiler brand, has been preferred as a spare boiler system apart from the return water of the power plant, where high-tech systems and equipment such as the sunlight system, which implements daylighting during short periods of sunshine, are used. TIMFOG ENGINEERING, which has also been producing humidification, cold room and germination chambers and buffer tank system, has also provided an on-going supervisor service by appointing an engineer to the continuous assembly process which has continued for 1 year. TIMFOG ENGINEERING, which is the sole distributor of international brands such as CRONE, THERMATA and MUNTERS in the Republic of Turkey, has completed the air conditioning systems of approximately 1,400 acres in 20 different countries this year.