Timfog has been producing a great number of machines for use in different industries with its experience of more than 15 years.

Although it especially comes into prominence in greenhouse climatization systems, the devices that our company produce are used in many sectors such as medicine, printing, industrial dyeworks, open areas, contrustion, textile, and energy.

Timfog applied fogging systems in Textile Industry, Greenhouses, Cold Storage Rooms, Energy Plants, Various Industries where humidification dust suppression and cooling is needed both in domestic and foreign markets such as Tunis, Romania, Iran, Uzbekistan, India, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iraq etc.

Since humidity control systems can not be separated from general HVAC applications and which is an engineering discipline on its own, it has been decided to establish a new engineering company to deal with mainly humidity control systems.

For this purpose on 19. March 2013 TIMFOG ENGINEERING SERVICES has been established. By inheriting Timsan’s 10 years experience in humidification and cooling systems Timfog Engineering aims to develop innovative evaporative cooler and humidity devices and also develop solutions for all humidity problems of the industry.