Boilers for GreenHouses Heating Systems


The  CLW gives its user a sense    of safety  seeing  that our  boiler  meets   the RToD  requirements.This feeling of safety however  mainly   arises  from  the  fact that calamities with   our CLW  boiler  do not occur....

Environmentally Friendly

Designed with an extremely wide furnace, the CLW causes low NOx readings. This is not only less damaging to the environment but also meets with the stricter  NOx emission standards imposed by governments throughout the world nowadays.


The CLW boiler is extremely economical when in use. The insulation consists of two overlapping 50 mm layers of mineral wool. We have also used heavily insulated boilerskirts causing a reduction in heat¬losses due to so¬called "warmth-bridges". And the insulated smoke box is standard. Eventually these measures will Lead to a lower energy bill.


The CLW   can be used as a very compact,   top quality  hot water  boiler. A well thought   out  partition   between  the second   and third  pass guarantees an  optimal  use of the heated   surface.Because of its compact construction, it  can   be   installed  in almost   any  boiler  house.


The  CLW is custom  made.   We  adjust   the boiler  to your capacity-needs. But even   within  your own company   the CLW allows   for flexible  operation:It can be be set to Nominal Capacity   as well to Maximum  Capacity.

Quality, customizing, service and reliability

Crone B.V. has developed and manufactured boilers since 1960. This experience of many years is reflected in our reputation among clients. Crone boilers are associated with 'quality'. If you make use our service , you can always fall back on our our own ‘Repair Service ‘.


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