Buffer Tank

The main purpose of the buffer tank is to store the heat energy produced in the boilers by using the CO2 which is released at day-time to reduce the temperature of the boiler water. The water which returns to the boiler at low temperatures, primarily circulating from the condenser exchanger to lower the temperature of the chimney gas. Thus the cooled chimney gas and the CO2 in it is ready for usage.

The second usage of the buffer tank is a reserve energy source. There can be a problem at the prime energy source feeding the exchangers. Or there can be a short retrofit process going on. Also there can be a planned maintenance ongoing on the exchangers which can let a few of the exchangers to be unusable at the time. The last possibility is that the buffer tank can be used as a recruitment to the heating system at extreme weather conditions.

While the CO2 is being used, the heat saved at day-time will be used to heat the greenhouse at night-time. The heat energy heated by the boilers or the exchangers in the buffer tank can be used as a recruitment to the normal system if necessary.

While the heat requirement in the greenhouses is low, the heat energy in the buffer tank can be used by itself.

The superior characteristics of buffer tanks produced by TIMFOG; 

•    All sheet metal and construction designs for tank manufacturing are made by TIMFOG engineers. During design process, Water pressure and other tests are performed in a computer environment before manufacturing.

•    All manufacturing pictures and all assembly details required during installation are shared with the customer.

•    TIMFOG buffer tanks are manufactured with high hardware components. (Manhole-roof hole-discharge valves-inner stair-outer stair-filling system-overflow valve-roof railing).

•    Buffer tanks can be supplied in a horizontal as well as a vertical configuration. 


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