CO2 Systems

The CO2 units are used for central CO2 dosage in glasshouses. The flue gasses from natural gas-fired boilers and cogeneration systems are transported by an exhaust fan to the greenhouse area. The flue gas is distributed within the greenhouses using PVC pipes and CO2 tubing.
The CO2dosing systems are suitable for transporting flue gas from natural gas fired boilers with a maximum temperature of 60°C. The system consists of a stainless steel fan with a directly linked stainless steel impeller, a three-phase motor and a stainless steel valve section. This valve section has two openings for flue gas and air supply and has been provided with an open/ close servomotor.

The fan with valve section is built on a sturdy support frame and can be mounted on the floor or at a specific height, for example, on the flue gas condenser. A mounting set with support legs can be included in the delivery when ordered in combination with a flue gas condenser. 

A CO2 switch panel for the control of the CO2 dosing system can be provided (separately). The switches for multiple fans can be combined into a single switch panel. Other CO2 options, such as a CO detector or a flue gas valve control can be added to the switch panel. The switches for the CO2 system can also be built-in into the burner system switch panel.The switch panel has all control and safety equipment and is supplied based on the local safety rules. 

CO Detector

The CO detector is suitable for measuring CO on the pressure side of the CO2 fan or in the pipes (overpressure system). The detector is supplied with a sensor of the semiconductor type. This sensor is completely selective for what concerns measuring CO levels. This protection is essential to prevent that harmful carbon monoxide can reach the greenhouse area. The display unit of the CO detector is mounted on the front (door) together with the switch panel when delivered. 

CO2 piping layout diagrams 

Timfog can provide complete CO2 piping layout diagrams. We determine the most optimal piping route based on a dimensional sketch of the available greenhouse area. The pressure distribution over the total surface area that has to be dosed is optimised through distribution by the CO2 fan which is generally set up in the boiler room. Therefore, the required PVC piping will vary in length and diameter. The calculation program differentiates between main distribution piping and CO2 tubing which is placed among the plants.The diameter of the holes in the throttling plates varies and will be calculated by Timfog. In order to perform the calculation correctly it is important to know both the type of crop as well as the dosage standard required (usually a value expressed in cubic meters gas per hectare).

The Timfog CO2 piping layout diagrams guarantee the best possible dosage result.


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