F&H Crone

It is a pleasure to meet you: F&H Crone. A company with a number of special skills operating in various lines of business all across the World.

Over the years the company developed to what is it is today. A manufacturer with an eye for detail, creating innovative and high quality technical solutions. We do that in several lines of businesses like the horticultural industry, commercial and industrial markets. The customers that work with us are widely spread across the world and across various markets. Neither one of them wants to make compromises with regard to quality.

With over half a century of experience, F&H crone built a reputation in manufacturing boilers, biomass systems, chimneys, flue gas condensers, hot & cold water storage tanks, flue gas duct work (e.g. for Cogen units), CO2 collectors, industrial equipment and stainless steel pipe work for cooling installations. 

F&H Crone, because Quality matters!

F&H Crone, history of almost half a century

In 1960 Wim Crone developed his very first boiler. It appeared to be a big hit, because soon F&H Crone B.V. was seen as a leading supplier of hot water boilers for the greenhouse industry. That reputation F&H Crone B.V. still has, through a consistent level of quality, reliability in every vain, value for money and innovation. Meanwhile F&H Crone has built up quite a reputation in various industrial & commercial lines of business. With advanced machinery, all kinds of equipment is being built. It goes without saying that F&H Crone works according to the ISO 9001 quality standards.

The world as a market
The expertise, skills and products of F&H Crone are recognized all over the world. Customers in the Netherlands and far beyond love to work with F&H Crone, especially when quality is involved. Quality that is guaranteed through manufacturing according to standards from Notified Bodies as Dienst voor het Stoomwezen, Lloyd's Register, Det Norske Veritas, TÜV en ASME. 

Our clients tend to work with short delivery times. This means they need to count on the reliability of delivery of their suppliers. F&H Crone are aware of this fact and therefore put a lot of effort in care for planning and preparation in order to fulfill every commitment and to invest in a lifetime relationship with their customers.
Social & Environmental involvement

F&H Crone are aware of their role in society both socially and environmentally. We want to act in these fields in a responsible way. The means of production that our employees have at their disposal, makes it possible for them to produce our products in a safe and pleasant way. We try to create as less waste as possible during our production processes which leads to less energy consumption and less emissions. 

We have mobile units for our crew that are supplied with all the tools and facilities to operate stand alone out in the field. Because of this, electricity and water consumption are minimal and the nuisance to the environment and neighborhood are limited.

With the design of our products we always bear in mind that accessibility and transport size are important. 

One of our innovations, is our biomass system. One of the goals is to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases (global warming). This is a sustainable way of heating, not spending harmful fossil fuels and contributing to the ‘green’ image of your business.


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