Dairy Farms

It is found in researches that animal stress increases, their productivity decreases and possibilities of disease increase under high temperatures. For example, in dairy cows it is found that appetite decreases above 25°C, feed consumption significantly decreases above 30°C and it completely stops above 40°C. Too high or too low humidity ratio in the air also negatively affects the animals. Although the ideal temperature and humidity conditions vary for each species, typically temperature should be under 30 C and relative humidity below 70. 

It is possible to obtain desired temperature and humidity conditions in livestock with Timfog Systems. For example, required temperature and humidity in chicken coops can be easily achieved with Timfog Systems and also Timfog Systems provide the ideal solution at periods when humidity is very important and air circulation is not desired. In dairy farming, in order to prevent cattle
to be affected by high temperatures timfog milk fans ensure that the animals are cooled without getting wet. Environment is cooled with the mist obtained from Timfog Fogging Rings placed in front of fans with from 16.750 m³ to 44.800 m3 flow rate and productivity of dairy cattle is increased. Timfog Milk Fans are placed in each 7.5 meters to 18 meters along the manger based on the number of animals. Economical solutions that will increase the efficiency of milk production in summer temperatures are presented with Timfog Barn Cooling Packs designed as per the stable dimensions.


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