Economizor / Flue Gas Condenser

Flue gas condensers are used to cool down flue gases produced from natural gas powered installations. Most installations generally have hot water boilers with the condenser being installed behind or on top of the boiler. The energy which is released from these installations is used to heat the water. The maximum supply temperature of the flue gases in the condenser is 210° C. The water is heated in the flue gas condensers to a maximum temperature of 95° C. The condenser is part of a closed system with a maximum allowable pressure of 3 bar. 

The flue gas condenser is installed behind a gas-powered boiler. All flue gases coming from the boiler are directed through the condenser where they are cooled. The heat that is released from this process heats the water in this closed system. The remaining highly-cooled flue gases disappear through the stack or can be tapped off for CO2 dosing or other applications. All this is dependent on the installation. Before delivery, the condenser is pressurised with cold water in the factory to about 4 bar to ensure tightness. The normal condenser operating pressure is usually around 1 bar. The maximum allowable operating pressure is 3 bar. 

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