Climatization Systems -

CO2 Systems & Buffer Tanks

CO2 supply with flue gas

As a result of the burning of natural gas in boilers, CO2 emerges in the flue gas depending on the combustion efficiency. It is the method in which we feed the greenhouse with PVC pipes with the help of a fan by making the necessary measurements (CO ratio) in this flue gas.

The main purpose of the buffer tank is to store the heat energy generated in the boilers during the daytime CO2 supply to the greenhouses, thereby reducing the temperature of the boiler water. CO2 becomes ready for use in greenhouses.The flue gas and CO2 temperature are also mixed with the boiler room air in the 3-way mixing damper and brought to the final temperature that can be used in greenhouses.

All sheet metal and construction designs for tank manufacturing are made by our project engineers. During design, water pressure and other tests are carried on in computer environment before manufacturing. Timfog buffer tanks are manufactured with high quality hardware parts and accessories such as manhole, roof hole-discharge valves, inner ladder, outer ladder-filling system-overflow valve, roof railings, manhole-roof hole-discharge valves, inner ladder, outer ladder, filling system, overflow valve and roof railings.