Climatization Systems -

GH Climatization Automation Control Panels

Greenhouse Automation Control Panels

Fan-Pad Control Panel
Fan-Pad control panels adjust the fan speed with the help of frequency converter drivers to reduce the temperature inside the greenhouse and control the fan noise level.

Perfect Climate Control Panel
Perfect Climate control panel is designed and prepared to automatically control climate control components such as meteorology station, circulation and exhaust fan system, fertilization system, fogging system, ventilation system, artificial lighting, greenhouse heating system, greenhouse cooling system, thermal curtain system, greenhouse irrigation system and CO2 system.

Circulation Fans Control Panel
Circulation fans are used to ensure that the temperature and humidity of the air inside the greenhouse are homogeneous. Circulation fan control panels are used for the use of these fans at the desired speed, remote control and electrical protection.

Greenhouse Air Handling Unit Control Panel (GAHU)
It is a control system that provides automatic operation of the greenhouse air handling unit in the form of a compound unit that controls the temperature and humidity in the greenhouse in accordance with to plants grown.

Fog Control Panel
These are system panels designed for the electricity supply, protection and control of the greenhouse fogging system, depdnedent on sizing of the power and operating modes, such as singular, 1+1, 2+1 etc

Heating Control Panel
Heating control panels are system panels designed to automatically operate the heating systems in the greenhouse.

General Air Conditioning Control Panel
These are system panels that enable the climatization unit to operate automatically depending on the determined operating conditions, including Fan-Pad, heating, fogging and roof windows.