Climatization Systems -

Heating Systems

We take the most difficult climatic and mechanical conditions into account when designing our heating systems. 

It is important that the temperature can be regulated day and night and that the heating system has sufficient capacity; hence, we make it our priority to provide an ideal and sustainable heating system for a homogeneous greenhouse climate without any cold spots. We take a holistic approach from choosing the correct machine and equipment selection to correct assembly and commissioning, along with an ideal control system.

The components of our heating systems are boilers, burners, economizers, pumps, greenhouse fittings and valves and heating control system.

Even though greenhouse heating boilers are segmented in the hot water boiler group, they are more powerful and larger than a normal hot water boiler. Boilers can burn most solid-liquis-gas phase fuels such as coal, biomass, pellet, natural gas, diesel, pomace, and so on.

Burners that burn and heat the water in the hot water boiler using natural gas / LNG or diesel are just as important as the boilers. We make sure on the quality and trouble-free operation of our burner for the proper growth of greenhouse plants.

The main pumps used in our greenhouse heating system are pumps with frequency converters that prevent the boiler-burner from working when unnecessary and provide automatic adjustment of the flow rate and temperature. The temperature and flow rates are always constant in pumps for all sectors, we provide a homogenous temperature and flow rate with the 3-way valves.

Flue gas economizers/condensers are used to cool flue gases produced from natural gas-fired facilities. All flue gases coming from the boiler are directed through the economizer where they are cooled. The heat released from this process heats the water in this closed system. Most installations usually have hot water boilers with economizers at the back or top of the boiler. The energy in these installations is used to heat the water. The maximum temperature of the flue gases in the econmizer is 210 ° C. The water circulating in the installation is heated up to a maximum temperature of 95°C by using the extra efficiency of the flue gas economizer. The economizer is part of a closed system with a maximum allowable pressure of 3 bar.

Greenhouse fittings & valves
The 2 and 3-way valves used in the heating installation are used to obtain variable flow and / or constant flow water regimes and to reach the desired water temperature with an economical performance. We prefer high quality butterfly valves, shut-off valves, strainers, and check valves used for installation.

The different types and features of greenhouse fittings we produce make it easy to apply our projects in the field and are of great importance for the correct and timely completion of the assembly. We ensure that our parts, each designed and tested by the R&D department, work smoothly in the installation for many years.

Heating control system
Heating control panels are system panels designed to automatically operate the heating systems in the greenhouse.