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High Pressure Fogging Systems

As of 2002, we gave a new breath to the greenhousing by producing and selling the first high-pressure humidification unit in Turkey.

Timfog's fogging system reduces the heat and increases the relative humidity as a result of the evaporation of billions of water particles sprayed from the fogging nozzle. The cool and humid air obtained is used to keep the greenhouse in the desired climate conditions with Timfog's circulation fans, ventilation and control systems. In this way, we minimize any adverse weather conditions for the plant that may occur in the greenhouse. As the falling temperature enables more suitable conditions for the plants, the waste rate decreases and the productivity increases.

The components of our High Pressure Fogging Systems are our pump units, high pressure pumps, stainless pipe group and fittings, valves and control equipment.

Pump Units
  • For facilities in which even the shortest stops are not desired, and in all our projects, we can reach a pumping capacity of 8-35 liters of water per minute by using a high pressure Danfoss pump with a capacity of 70-150 bar.
  • We reach the ability to work dry and with particles of a maximum size of 500 microns with pump models suitable for working between 0-170 and 0-340 bars.

Stainless Pipe Group and Fittings
  • It is very important that the fitting parts do no rust as they are the first to be affected first by all physical factors caused by weather and current working conditions. Therefore, the fittings to be used should be selected from materials with high corrosion resistance and mechanical values.
  • The different types and features of the parts we produce make it easy to apply our projects in the field and are of great importance for the correct and timely completion of the assembly. We ensure that our parts, each designed and tested by the R&D department, work smoothly in the installation for many years.

High Pressure Pumps
  • We produce the best and most economical solutions with high pressure pumps for greenhouse humidification according to the size, different working environments, wide range flow rates and the suitability of the maximum allowable operating pressures.

Valves and Control Equipment
  • We apply digital surface sealing systems for liquid and gas on the valves and all other equipment we use to . In this way, we minimize the losses and risks that may occur.