Climatization Systems -

Ventilation & Cooling Systems

Our Ventilation & Cooling Systems ensure that the warm air in the environment is transformed into cold air economically.

The Fan-Pad and Perfect Climate systems are long-lasting, durable and low operating costs and energy efficient.

After the air temperature passes over the pad, it increases towards the inside of the greenhouse and the exhaust fans go up to 7/8 degrees between the suction side and the first inlet side of the air and the pad. As a result of the heat transfer between air and water molecules upon contact, the mobility of water molecules increases and evaporates and takes heat from the air. The system is composed of evaporative pad, water distribution system, exhaust fan and a control panel.

Perfect Climate 
The system is composed of air suction and distribution corridor, water distribution system, exhaust fan, high pressure fogging system and a control panel. Air circulation is done perfectly from the bottom to the top and major temperature differences in the greenhouse are eliminated.