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Hi-end handling for your precious crops
As Timfog, a brand under the MCM Engineering Group umbrella, we create tailor made engineering services for the greenhouse sector and focus on climatization systems and needs for greenhouses, with in-house project designing and machinery production, made in Turkey.
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Solution Partners

With high quality standard, F & H Crone is one of the largest company operating in the field of greenhouse hot water boilers all over the world. Crone boilers are the most suitable boilers for CO2 use thanks to its special boiler system. With over half a century of experience, Crone boilers are still known as the best greenhouse boilers in the world.
Themeta burners are an international and reliable brand for greenhouses with experience coming back from 1940s and an integrated service and commissioning network spread around the world. The designs allow the burners to be mounted and delivered in the same body.
The Thermeta LN-series burner is extremely suitable and flexible for the use of various fuels and combinations burning separately or side by side. This allows the burners to be delivered with options for natural gas or LNG (Liquid Natural Gas), diesel or both fuels, making Thermeta burners more convenient and reliable in case of gas outages. 
As 82% of our organization are engineers who are experts in their fields, we continue to work actively in various countries such as Spain, Israel and Macedonia, with our growing team, in Istanbul MCM Plaza, Tekirdağ factory and Antalya office.
In 2002, we led the drive for a crucial first step in greenhousing in Turkey, and by licensing the process from Denmark, we produced the first high-pressure fogging systems locally. With national values in mind and heart, we took our place in the global market by the specified to-the-point solutions and successfully served several projects in, not only climatization but also engineering consultancy needs. We continue to serve in more than 50 countries with the installation of greenhouse climatization systems and nearly 1300 hectares of greenhouse area under our belt.

We cover all equipment, manufacturing and engineering needs of a greenhouse climatization process, with a solid 20 year experience in the field.

In our production facility located in the Marmara Ereğlisi district of Tekirdağ, we reach an annual production capacity of 900 high pressure fog units, greenhouse air handling units, greenhouse air cleaning devices, all kinds of pipes and fittings for greenhouse heating systems. Our current CNC machine capacity allows us to reach 500 thousand high pressure nozzle groups annually.

We adopt as a basic principle to provide the most optimal solution service to the expectations and demands of our customers by constantly renewing ourselves with our experience and knowledge with international brands we use, correct capacity calculations, system designs that will run smoothly for years.

By reading the demands of our customers in a correct and precise way, we make sure the raw material selection and mechanical design are most optimized to the fullest, and with our broad experience and knowledge in different geographies, we provide the most accurate consultancy service to the producers in the field of greenhousing.