Germination and Cooling Rooms

The cooling units used in the germination rooms are produced by TIMFOG and they are specially designed. Special heating module that keeps the inside of the launder room at 15/20 C by heating in the winter season  is one of the distinguishing sides of our TIMFOG germination devices. In addition, with high pressure humidification modules in the room, desired humidity of 90-95% is achieved.
These cold rooms, which are isolated with the help of special polyurethane panels, provide high energy saving.

Superior features of the TIMFOG germination room;

  • Sensitive cooling devices, 
  • High quality cold room polyurethane panels and cold room doors
  • High pressure humidification feature
  • High pressure line spreading all around the room
  • Heating feature in the winter session 
  • Control of cooling-humidification and heating features with a single control panel
  • Homogeneous air distribution with in-room special evaporator fans. 



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