Greenhouse Air Handling Unit (GAHU)

As Timfog, we are committed to promote safety and health in greenhouses to protect its greatest resource -its people.

With the most recent design in the industry, GAHU ensures not only a reliable agricultural environment, but also a reliable workplace. GAHU enables you to protect the safety of your employees, the air quality inside your greenhouse and your plants.

Our unit consists of a desiccant rotor and a burner, with the most recent design in the industry. The system is predicated on the principle of taking and heating the air with the help of the solid zeolite dehumidifier rotor. In here, the zeolite dehumidification rotor is heated to 150⁰C by the regeneration air so that the humid air is dried and resent to the relevant site- eliminating fungi, bacteria and viruses in the process. 


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Greenhouse Air Handling Unit (GAHU)
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