High Pressure Fogging Systems

Evaporative cooling controls humidity and temperature in the greenhouse. It is just as important as heating or cooling systems in respect of growing high standard plants and extracting quality products. Fogging system that enables internal temperature of greenhouse to decrease down to 25 C in Africa or in some Central Asia regions is an essential system for plants to grow at ideal humidity levels.

The term “microclimate” which has been developed in the last decade became a current issue of not only heating and ventilation but also cooling more likely. This system provides the humidity that plant needs for its ideal growth and photosynthesis in scorching heats of summer.

High pressure fogging systems means more than 850 customers, 6,000 decares of greenhouses in more than 30 countries in the world for us who produce it under the brand of TIMFOG more than 15 years.

First of all, Timfog is the leader of its region in respect of evaporative cooling techniques, and it is an international brand that provides more than 70% of its sales for greenhouses with so many different climate conditions.

Manuals in English, Russian, and Arabic that are forwarded to end user with each system and machine delivery; international servicing-implementation line for emergencies; periodic maintenance guidelines that you can download from our website easily are important facts for our company to show our power.

Our international frenchises that represent TIMFOG in different regions of the world have been preparing tens of new happy clients for this challenging journey that has been going on for 15 years.


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