Intelligent Humidity Control System

Timfog dehumidification units monitor the stoma activities of the plants independently of the user due to the its intelligent humidity control system, and identify the humidity and temperature required within the greenhouse depending on these activities, and run the humidification system when level of humidity is low, and run dehumidification system when level of humidity is high. Thus, balance of humidity in the greenhouses is achieved automatically.

Diseases such as bacteria and fungus are prevented in greenhouses where ideal balance of humidity is achieved, and the photosynthesis rate of the plants is increased. Thus, plants grow healthily and rapidly.  And that means increased efficiency.

Another feature of the intelligent humidity control system is that it helps the greenhouse to be climatized correctly during dehumidification. It helps the greenhouse to cool during summer and heat during winter. So, the device provides optimal energy efficiency by transforming all the energy into useful energy in greenhouse.

Device is designed as split, with internal and external unit. External unit is installed outside the greenhouse while internal unit is installed inside the greenhouse. So, it helps the greenhouse to cool during summer while it helps to heat the greenhouse during winter. Also, thanks to its compact design, it covers a minimal space within the greenhouse and is easily installed.



Intelligent Humidity Control System
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