Ventilation And Cooling Systems

Ventilation and cooling systems that are used in greenhouses are actually designed to keep plants in an ideal environment. It is essential to provide CO2 for plants to breathe, and to prevent deceleration of its growth because of heat.

Munters exhaust fans and circulation fans, and cellulosic cooler cores for ventilation and cooling has provided great adavntages especially in regions with low humidity rate.
Munters products are easy impelementable for every greenhouse, and they require low investment and business cost. Therefore, they are preferred as the leader brand in different regions of the world.

The greenhouses in which the cooling system is challenging and critical (eg. Flower greenhouses such as orchid and antorium), TIMFOG Greenhouse Roof-Tops provide great advantages in controlling both temperature and humidity sensitively.

TIMFOG Greenhouse Roof-Tops come to the forefront as a powerful and unique alternative in the entire greenhouse sector for hard and sensitive growing processes by the advantages of fresh air and dehumidification.



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