• Greenhouse Climatization Systems
    The new pioneer in Greenhouse Climatization Systems
  • High Pressure Fogging Systems
    TIMFOG, working in different climates and cultures of the world, will continue to work in the agricultural
    field as a global producer-project and application engineering firm.
  • Ventilation and Cooling Systems
    Timfog develops and manufactures energy efficient climate control systems for greenhouse applications.
  • Heating Systems
    F&H Crone. A company with a number of special skills operating in various lines of business all across the World.
  • Buffer Tank
    TIMFOG buffer tanks are manufactured with high hardware components.
    (Manhole-roof hole-discharge valves-inner stair-outer stair-filling system-overflow valve-roof railing)
  • Dehumidification Systems
    The Greenhouse Roof-Top performs the humidity and temperature control in the greenhouse completely automatically.
    With digital control, the ambient air humidity and temperature are controlled precisely.
  • Germination and Cooling Rooms
    Control of cooling-humidification and heating features with a Single Control Panel

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The New Pioneer In Greenhouse Climatization Systems...



High Pressure Fogging Systems

Evaporative cooling controls humidity and temperature in the greenhouse. It is just as important as heating or cooling systems in respect of growing high standard plants and extracting quality products.


Intelligent Humidity Control System

Timfog dehumidification units monitor the stoma activities of the plants independently of the user due to the its intelligent humidity control system, and identify the humidity and temperature required within the greenhouse depending on these activities, and run the humidification system when level of humidity is low, and run dehumidification system when level of humidity is high. Thus, balance of humidity in the greenhouses is achieved automatically.


Diseases such as bacteria and fungus are prevented in greenhouses where ideal balance of humidity is achieved, and the photosynthesis rate of the plants is increased. Thus, plants grow healthily and rapidly.  And that means increased efficiency.


Another feature of the intelligent humidity control system is that it helps the greenhouse to be climatized correctly during dehumidification. It helps the greenhouse to cool during summer and heat during winter. So, the device provides optimal energy efficiency by transforming all the energy into useful energy in greenhouse.


Device is designed as split, with internal and external unit. External unit is installed outside the greenhouse while internal unit is installed inside the greenhouse. So, it helps the greenhouse to cool during summer while it helps to heat the greenhouse during winter. Also, thanks to its compact design, it covers a minimal space within the greenhouse and is easily installed.



Ventilation And Cooling Systems

Ventilation and cooling systems that are used in greenhouses are actually designed to keep plants in an ideal environment. It is essential to provide CO2 for plants to breathe, and to prevent deceleration of its growth because of heat.


Greenhouse Fog (Humidity & Cooling ) Units


Heating Systems

Heating systems that are used in greenhouses are essential for plant life, and they directly affect the plant production amount of greenhouses. All calculations made for greenhouses aim to provide ideal living conditions for a plant to grow and yield. 


CO2 Systems

Timfog can provide complete CO2 piping layout diagrams. We determine the most optimal piping route based on a dimensional sketch of the available greenhouse area. The pressure distribution over the total surface area that has to be dosed is optimised through distribution by the CO2 fan which is generally set up in the boiler room. Therefore, the required PVC piping will vary in length and diameter. 


Dehumidification Systems

 The Greenhouse Roof-Top performs the humidity and temperature control in the greenhouse completely automatically. With digital control, the ambient air humidity and temperature are controlled precisely.


Greenhouse Air Handling Unit (GAHU)



Buffer Tank

All sheet metal and construction designs for tank manufacturing are made by TIMFOG engineers. During design process, Water pressure and other tests are performed in a computer environment before manufacturing. 


Germination & Cold Rooms

The cooling units used in the germination rooms are produced by TIMFOG and they are specially designed. 


Perfect Climate


Cooling Pad


Dairy Farms

It is found in researches that animal stress increases, their productivity decreases and possibilities of disease increase under high temperatures. For example, in dairy cows  it is found that appetite decreases above 25 °C, feed consumption significantly decreases above 30 °C and it completely stops above 40 °C. Too high or too low humidity ratio in the air also negatively affects the animals. Although the ideal temperature and humidity conditions vary for each species, typically temperature should be under 30 °C and relative humidity below 70.

It is possible to obtain desired temperature and humidity conditions in livestock with Timfog Systems. For example, required temperature and humidity in chicken coops can be easily achieved with Timfog Systems and also Timfog Systems provide the ideal solution at periods when humidity is very important and air circulation is not desired.

In dairy farming, in order to prevent cattle to be affected by high temperatures timfog milk fans ensure that the animals are cooled without getting wet. Environment is cooled with the mist obtained from Timfog Fogging Rings placed in front of fans with from 16.750 m³ to 44.800 m3 flow rate and productivity of dairy cattle is increased. Timfog Milk Fans are placed in each 7.5 meters to 18 meters along the manger based on the number of animals. Economical solutions that will increase the efficiency of milk production in 3 summer temperatures are presented with Timfog Barn Cooling Packs designed as per the stable dimensions.


Timfog Mühendislik A.Ş

Our companies are founded by mechanical engineers and expert technical staff who bring together over 15 years of their experience. TIMFOG is an engineering and manufacturing company specialized in the field of air conditioning and high pressure humidification systems. Since its establishment in 2001, it has been providing engineering services for air conditioning in greenhouses and other industrial areas for 15 years. It has completed more than 6,000 decare of greenhouse climate projects in different geographies of the world with engineers and technical specialists...